Who We Are

Since 2015, the Atelier du Tartare specializes in the manufacture of meat and fish tartar for restaurants and groceries. Having acquired more than 15 years of experience in Switzerland, we are pleased to be offering our high quality products, in ready-to-eat format, to the Quebec market.

Tartar ready-to-eat? Now Available!

Even today the popularity of the tartar is not subsiding. The proof? This dish remains a staple on the menus of many restaurants. However; the profitability, the handling and the preparation of this specialty food can represent barriers for many restaurateurs and hoteliers. That's why Atelier du Tartare offers you two frozen products that will make your job easier. Already cut, they are ready to serve.

A surprising ease of execution

The concept is simple. Whether for an appetizer or main course, Atelier du Tartare has brought to market ready to serve beef and fish tartar in less than 10 minutes. The product is pre-packaged in individual servings, reducing preparation time. Just defrost, set up and you're done. You now have a ready-to-eat tartar product that's easy to prepare; saving you a great deal of time and money.

Certified products

Working within the meat and poultry processing industry, focusing primarily in the manufacturing of minced meats, our factory is recognized and certified as HACCP compliant. All our products conform to the principles of food safety in order to guarantee you the highest quality products.

How about introducing our tartar products to your menu?